Products & Services - Markets Served

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)
, Business Jets, Commercial & Military Aircraft
  • Flight Control Surfaces - Leading Edges, Trailing Edges, Ailerons, Flaps, Winglets, Vertical and Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Airframe - Hat Stiffeners/Stringers, Longerons
  • Landing Gear Doors
  • Radomes
  • Main and Tail Rotor Blades
  • Floor and Body Panels
  • Structural Elements
Spacecraft, Launch Vehicles, Rockets, Missles
  • Payload Accessories
  • Main Body Shell Panels
  • Guidance Airfoils/Fins
  • Structural Elements

  • Radomes, Satellites

Wind Turbines
  • Blade Leading & Trailing Edges, Stiffening Elements
  • Hub Body Panels and Stiffening Elements

Medical Imaging
  • X-Ray, CT, Beds, Fixating Devices, Mammography Plates

  • Pleasure Boat Stringers, Hulls, Bulkheads, Consoles, Sailboat Masts & Booms

  • Structural Elements, Body Panels, Airfoils/Splitters

Sporting Goods
  • Water Sports, Surf Boards, Slalom Skis, Wake Boards, Knee Boards, Hockey/Lacrosse Sticks, Hockey Blades 

Hobby/Scale Models
  • Aircraft, Marine, Automotive